I keep thinking about the quote I posted the other day.  This one:

“There is a strong difference between desire and the actual act of sex.”  Terry Cyr

It’s really clarified things for me, that quote.

I love almost everything connected with sex.  I love touching, and being touched.  I love mysterious, romantic, barely there just a whisper of sensation.  I love rough and fast and nasty.  I love bruises that linger for days, as a reminder.  I love sensual and erotic and hard core.  I love sweet nothings and I love talk dirty.  What I love most of all, I’ve come to realize, is desire.

I love wanting.  I love the catch of breath, the heart pounding, the moans.  I love hair falling across my skin, falling around my face like a curtain.

So hm.  What does one do with this?


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